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You love your family, how about those members of your family that can't speak for themselves? Are you prepared to evacuate your pets?
We sell Emergency Evacuation / Bug Out Bags for all your pets!

Are you Ex-Military, looking for employment?

We are affiliated with The Wounded Warrior Project, providing ex-military with employment! Click here to contact us today to take advantage of this service.

All of your Emergency Gear in one place. Low prices, low shipping and a huge inventory of supplies. Check it out today.

Corporate, Small Business, Residential and On Site Consultations. Click here to contact us for more information.

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We Offer Survival Training

Services in basic survival- Firearm training provided by current, ex-military & law enforcement.   Know your rights.   Hand to Hand training by Licensed & Insured Martial Arts Instructors. Close Quarters Knife Instruction by a Certified Instructor. Click here to contact us.

Looking for like minded individuals to share your emergency preparedness ideas with, or are you seeking advise on emergency situations? Join our forum today!

NY Preppers Firearm Club

Are you interested in getting together and firing off a few rounds? Meet new friends who are like minded and enjoying some club activities together?

Click here for more information.

Whether your looking for Private Security for High Profile Clients, Private or Public Event, Private Investigation, Security Detail, we Employ Ex and Current Military Personnel and Law Enforcement for all your security needs. Please Contact us for more info.

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